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Embedded System Environment (Front End) ESE Version 2.0 evaluation Tutorial

Ing. Lochi Yu Lo, PhD.
Daniel D Gajski and Samar Abdi and Gunar Schirner and Han-su Cho and Yonghyun Hwang and Lochi Yu and Ines Viskic and Quoc-Viet Dang
Center for Embedded Computer Systems


The basic purpose of this tutorial is to guide a user through our Embedded System Environment (ESE) Front End. ESE helps designers to take C/C++ application processes and graphical platform capture and automatically produce Transaction Level Models (TLMs) for functional verification and performance estimation. Extensive information about ESE and its projected impact on embedded system design processes is available on our website at htt://www. cecs. uci. edu/~ ese The tutorial demostrates ESE Front End being used for TLM generation using the JPEG encoder and MP3 decoder applications. Three platforms are used for this purpose. The first platform consists of five microprocessors connected via a shared bus and communicating each other using a memory architecture. This platform is representative of a multi-processor design where all components are programmable. The …

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