Universidad de Costa Rica

A modeling methodology to evaluate the impact of temperature on solar home systems for rural electrification

Ing. Víctor Vega Garita, PhD.
Nishant Narayan and Victor Vega-Garita and Zian Qin and Jelena Popovic-Gerber and Pavol Bauer and Miro Zeman


Solar Home Systems (SHS) have recently gained prominence as the most promising solution for increasing energy access in remote, off-grid communities. However, the higher than standard testing conditions (STC) temperatures have a significant impact on the SHS components like PhotoVoltaic (PV) module and battery. A modeling methodology is described in this study for quantifying the temperature impact on SHS. For a particular location with high irradiation and temperatures and a given load profile, an SHS model was simulated, and the temperature-impact was analyzed on the performance and lifetime of the SHS components. Different PV module temperature estimation models were applied, and the corresponding dynamic PV outputs were compared. The nominal operating cell temperature (NOCT) model was found inadequate for estimating PV module temperatures under high irradiance conditions. The …

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