Universidad de Costa Rica

Testing a PV-battery Integrated Module Prototype

Ing. Víctor Vega Garita, PhD.
Victor Vega-Garita and Shiwankar Garg and Nishant Narayan and Laura Ramirez-Elizondo and Pavol Bauer


The fluctuating nature of solar power generation Makes the coupling of energy storage and solar energy inevitable. This paper explores the integration of all the typical components of a PV-battery system in one single module, introducing a prototype of the so-called PV-Battery Integrated Module (PBIM). The electrical and thermal performance of the prototype were studied in order to analyse its behaviour under severe testing conditions. The prototype exhibited an appropriate charging efficiency of 95.7% on average, while the battery pack operated safely (at less than ). When compared to a conventional system (battery and charge controller in a separated manner), the mean solar panel temperature of the prototype was 9.34% higher. However, in terms of power, the thermal losses in the PBIM resulted in an average increase of just 1.3 W (4.6%) in comparison to a conventional system. The testing validated the …

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