Universidad de Costa Rica

Hardware-dependent software synthesis for many-core embedded systems

Ing. Lochi Yu Lo, PhD.
Samar Abdi and Gunar Schirner and Ines Viskic and Hansu Cho and Yonghyun Hwang and Lochi Yu and Daniel Gajski
IEEE Press


This paper presents synthesis of Hardware Dependent Software (HdS) for multicore and many-core designs using Embedded System Environment (ESE). ESE is a tool set, developed at UC Irvine, for transaction level design of multicore embedded systems. HdS synthesis is a key component of ESE backend design flow. We follow a design process that starts with an application model consisting of C processes communicating via abstract message passing channels. The application model is mapped to a platform net-list of SW and HW cores, buses and buffers. A high speed transaction level model (TLM) is generated to validate abstract communication between processes mapped to different cores. The TLM is further refined into a Pin-Cycle Accurate Model (PCAM) for board implementation. The PCAM includes C code for all the HdS layers including routing, packeting …

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