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Mecanismos de gestión de escrituras en sistemas con tecnologías de memoria no volátiles= Write management mechanisms for systems with non-volatile memory t...

Ing. Roberto Rodríguez Rodríguez, PhD.
Roberto Alonso Rodríguez Rodríguez


Since the beginning of computer systems, the memory subsystem has always been one of their essential components. However, the different pace of change between microprocessor and memory has become one of the greatest challenges that current designers have to address in order to develop more powerful computer systems. This problem, called memory gap, is further compounded by the limited scalability and the high energy consumption of conventional memory technologies (DRAM and SRAM), which has leaded to consider new non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies as potential candidates to replace them. Among NVMs, PCM and STT-RAM are currently postulated as the best alternatives. Although PCM and STT-RAM have significant advantages over DRAM and SRAM, they also suffer from some drawbacks that need to be mitigated before they can both be employed as memory …

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