Universidad de Costa Rica

Electrizarte: Using Arts To Improve Engineering Education

Ing. Lochi Yu Lo, PhD.
Lochi Yu and Fabián Abarca
Proceedings of the Canadian Engineering Education Association


“ElectrizArte”(spanish words combinedfrom “electrify” and “art”) consists of an extracurricular activity where students design, implement and operate electronic projects in which they combine arts with engineering. The students develop both engineering and artistic components of the event. The objectives of ElectrizArte are: use engineering to magnify the perception of the arts and conversely, use arts to show the capabilities of engineering. Another motivation for the students: they usually suffered from misunderstandings ofwhat they do at school, among family and friends. This certainly undermines their motivation can affect their academic performance. With ElectrizArte, they can show off their abilities and demonstrate what they are capable of, and along the way, spark interest in engineering among the general public. The projects were conceived …

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