Universidad de Costa Rica

System Definition and ESE Data Structure

Ing. Lochi Yu Lo, PhD.
Lochi Yu and Samar Abdi and Daniel Gajski
Center for Embedded Computer Systems, University of California, Irvine, Tech. Rep. TR


This report describes the Embedded Systems Environment Data Structure (ESE DS) which captures the details of a model of an embedded system, including application and platform information. A platform includes Processing Elements (PEs), shared busses, transducers, channels and routes. A designer can use a GUI to produce this ESEDS and can freely manipulate the platform for design exploration purposes. The output can be used to either produce a Transaction Level Model or a Pin Cycle Accurate Model of the system. To test this data structure, we used 3 different multimedia applications, mapped them into platforms, and applied different operations and transformations. Also, TLMs were generated from this ESEDS and their performance was recorded. We concluded that this data structure is flexible enough for platform transformations and yields enough information to describe …

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