Universidad de Costa Rica

Interactive Software Tool for Robust Tuning of One-and Two-Degree-of-Freedom PI and PID Controllers

Ing. Orlando Arrieta Orozco, PhD.
Yeison Benavides and Victor M Alfaro and Orlando Arrieta and Ramon Vilanova
IFAC Proceedings Volumes


This paper describes an interactive software tool that allows the analysis of control systems based on PID-type controllers. The controlled process could be give by a high-order transfer function, and a first-or second-order plus dead-time model can be identified to represent its dynamics. From that, the software tunes 1DoF PI and PID controllers for servo and regulatory control operation, and 2DoF PI and PID controllers. In addition, it evaluates the achieved performance and robustness of the control system, as well as, the control effort use. The examples show the use of the software tool where it is possible to evaluate benefits for the control systems undergraduate students. This is one of the main contributions from the educational point of view.

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