Universidad de Costa Rica

Wide-area monitoring, protection, and control of future electric power networks

Ing. Gustavo Valverde Mora, PhD.
Vladimir Terzija and Gustavo Valverde and Deyu Cai and Pawel Regulski and Vahid Madani and John Fitch and Srdjan Skok and Miroslav M Begovic and Arun Phadke
Proceedings of the IEEE


Wide-area monitoring, protection, and control (WAMPAC) involves the use of system-wide information and the communication of selected local information to a remote location to counteract the propagation of large disturbances. Synchronized measurement technology (SMT) is an important element and enabler of WAMPAC. It is expected that WAMPAC systems will in the future reduce the number of catastrophic blackouts and generally improve the reliability and security of energy production, transmission, and distribution, particularly in power networks with a high level of operational uncertainties. In this paper, the technological and application issues are addressed. Several key monitoring, protection, and control applications are described and discussed. A strategy for developing a WAMPAC system in the United Kingdom is given as well.

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