Universidad de Costa Rica

PV-battery integrated module as a solution for off-grid applications in the developing world

Ing. Víctor Vega Garita, PhD.
Victor Vega-Garita and Diego De Lucia and Nishant Narayan and Laura Ramirez-Elizondo and Pavol Bauer


The coupling of solar panels and energy storage is inevitable and especially pertinent in places with no access to the electricity grid. This combination must be modular, providing the opportunity to scale up the system if energy demand increases, but also easy to install and user-friendly. These requirements validate the PV-Battery Integrated Module (PBIM) as a potential solution for stand-alone applications. In this paper, we assess the performance of directly integrating a battery system at the back of a PV panel in comparison to a typical solar home system (SHS) with all the components in a separated manner. The study is carried out using data from a community in the countryside of Stung Treng (Cambodia). First, the optimum battery size and PV panel rating were determined using the loss of load probability metric. Second, the extra PV power losses in the case of (PBIM) were calculated, finding that it is 2.16 …

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