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Energy Management System for the Photovoltaic Battery-Integrated Module

Ing. Víctor Vega Garita, PhD.
Victor Vega-Garita and Muhammad Sofyan and Nishant Narayan and Laura Ramirez-Elizondo and Pavol Bauer
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute


Given the complementary nature of photovoltaic (PV) generation and energy storage, the combination of a solar panel and a battery pack in one single device is proposed. To realize this concept, the PV Battery-Integrated Module (PBIM), it is fundamental to analyze the system architecture and energy management. This paper focuses on selecting a suitable architecture among the different options, while also indicating the control strategy that the converters must follow to ensure appropriate performance. Also, several modes of operation for the complete system are introduced to implement energy management. For the selected DC architecture, two case studies, viz. off-grid and peak-shaving for a grid-tied system, were employed to characterize the response of the model demonstrating its utility to perform maximum power-point tracking, excess solar power curtailment, and battery charging and discharging. The proposed control and system architecture prove to be feasible for a PV battery-integrated device such as PBIM. View Full-Text

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