Universidad de Costa Rica

Synthesis of CeO2: sol-gel properties and characterization of the obtained nanoparticles

Ing. Víctor Vega Garita, PhD.
Víctor Vega-Garita and Josué Matamoros-Quesada and José Vega-Baudrit
Revista Tecnología en Marcha
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


We propose an efficient sol-gel synthesis of a nanoparticled cerium oxide (IV) method. AFM micrographs confirm the presence of nanoparticles. Furthermore, TGA, FTIR and XRD measurements validate the absence of impurities. Scherrer’s law reveals a particle size of 11 nm, whereas DLS analysis shows an average diameter of 9.55 nm. Notably, viscosity and concentration behave proportionally. Contact angle measurements show that is more feasible to coat silicon (110) substrate than pure aluminum. Moreover, a filter for ultraviolet radiation is obtained when particle concentrations are larger than 13.74 mg/cm³.

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