Universidad de Costa Rica

Integration of open source tools for studying large-scale distribution networks

Ing. Jairo Quirós Tortós, PhD.
Gustavo Valverde and Andrés Arguello and Róger González and Jairo Quirós-Tortós
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution
IET Digital Library


The penetration of low carbon technologies (LCTs) is expected to increase in the near future given the attractive incentives from governments, the cost effectiveness of the technologies and the appearance of smart grid schemes. To understand the corresponding benefits and challenges associated with them, power utilities are expected to run more sophisticated studies supported by more accurate and detailed models of distribution network (DN) elements and the network itself. This study presents the development of two software plugins that allow the integration of a geographical information system platform with a distribution system simulator. These plugins are intended to provide power utilities free and open source tools to explore the benefits and impacts of newly adopted LCTs and to analyse smart grid opportunities in large-scale DNs. The effectiveness of the plugins is illustrated …

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