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Intentional controlled islanding and risk assessment: A unified framework

Ing. Jairo Quirós Tortós, PhD.
Jairo Quirós-Tortós and Panayiotis Demetriou and Mathaios Panteli and Elias Kyriakides and Vladimir Terzija
IEEE Systems Journal


Power systems are prone to cascading outages leading to large-area blackouts, and intentional controlled islanding (ICI) can mitigate these catastrophic events by splitting the system into sustainable islands. ICI schemes are used as the last resort to prevent cascading events; thus, it is critical to evaluate the corresponding system risks to ensure their correct operation. This paper proposes a unified framework to assess the risk of ICI schemes. First, a novel ICI method to create islands with minimum power imbalance is presented. Further, a risk assessment methodology is used to assess the probability and impact of the main operational modes of the ICI scheme. The unified framework provides insights on the benefits of implementing ICI, considering the uncertainties related to its reliability. The ICI scheme is demonstrated using the IEEE 9-bus system. The proposed …

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