Universidad de Costa Rica

Robust tuning of Two-Degree-of-Freedom (2-DoF) PI/PID based cascade control systems

Ing. Orlando Arrieta Orozco, PhD.
VM Alfaro and R Vilanova and O Arrieta
Journal of process control


A design approach for Two-Degree-of-Freedom (2-DoF) PID controllers within a cascade control configuration that guarantees robust and smooth control is presented in this paper. The use of a cascade control configuration comes into place when the use of an additional (intermediate) sensor provides the possibility for a compensation of a load-disturbance before it affects the output variable. The rationale of operation associated to both the inner and outer controllers determines the need of good performance for disturbance attenuation (regulation) as well as set-point following (tracking). Therefore, the use of 2-DoF controllers is introduced. However, the use of 2-DoF controllers, introduces additional parameters that need to be tuned appropriately. Specially for the case of PI/PID controllers there are not known clear auto-tuning guidelines for such situation. The approach undertaken in this …

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