Universidad de Costa Rica

Simple robust autotuning rules for 2-DoF PI controllers

Ing. Orlando Arrieta Orozco, PhD.
R Vilanova and VM Alfaro and O Arrieta
ISA transactions


This paper addresses the problem of providing simple tuning rules for a Two-Degree-of-Freedom (2-DoF) PI controller (PI 2) with robustness considerations. The introduction of robustness as a matter of primary concern is by now well established among the control community. Among the different ways of introducing a robustness constraint into the design stage, the purpose of this paper is to use the maximum sensitivity value as the design parameter. In order to deal with the well known performance/robustness tradeoff, an analysis is conducted first that allows the determination of the lowest closed-loop time constant that guarantees a desired robustness. From that point, an analytical design is conducted for the assignment of the load-disturbance dynamics followed by the tuning of the set-point weight factor in order to match, as much as possible, the set-point-to-output dynamics according …

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