Universidad de Costa Rica

Improved PID controller tuning rules for performance degradation/robustness increase trade-off

Ing. Orlando Arrieta Orozco, PhD.
O Arrieta and R Vilanova and JD Rojas and M Meneses
Electrical Engineering
Springer Berlin Heidelberg


Definitely, robustness is an important feature that any control system must take into account, especially considering that the design is usually based on low-order linear models that represent the whole controlled process. The problem is that to include such characteristic implies a degradation in the system's performance. With regard to the previous statement, this paper is concerned with the design of the closed-loop control system, to take into account the system performance to load-disturbance and to set-point changes and its robustness to variation of the controlled process characteristics. The aim is to achieve a good balance between the multiple trade-offs. Here, a PID control design is provided that looks for a robustness increase, allowing some degradation in the system's combined performance. The proposed approach is complementary to the work presented by Arrieta …

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