Universidad de Costa Rica

Low Cost Platform for Automatic Control Education Based on Open Hardware.

Ing. Leonardo José Marín Paniagua, PhD.
Angel Soriano and Leonardo Marin and Marina Valles and Angel Valera and Pedro Albertos
IFAC Proceedings Volumes


Automatic control, as well as the introduction to programming, are subjects increasingly being taught to young engineering students. For this reason the availability of a suitable platform for the laboratory work becomes a critical decision, in order to promote students' motivation to experience the theoretical concepts studied in the classroom. Until recently, the only option to perform laboratory work in this kind of subjects was to use closed platforms commercially available but today, thanks to advances in technology, many open hardware options supporting standard and intuitive programming languages are available. In order to provide a multidisciplinary low cost open platform for the automatic control introductory courses, an example of open-source educational platform easily programmable composed by a differential mobile robot with a robotic arm manipulator is presented in this paper.

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