Universidad de Costa Rica

Multi sensor fusion framework for indoor-outdoor localization of limited resource mobile robots

Ing. Leonardo José Marín Paniagua, PhD.
Leonardo Marín and Marina Vallés and Ángel Soriano and Ángel Valera and Pedro Albertos
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute


This paper presents a sensor fusion framework that improves the localization of mobile robots with limited computational resources. It employs an event based Kalman Filter to combine the measurements of a global sensor and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) on an event based schedule, using fewer resources (execution time and bandwidth) but with similar performance when compared to the traditional methods. The event is defined to reflect the necessity of the global information, when the estimation error covariance exceeds a predefined limit. The proposed experimental platforms are based on the LEGO Mindstorm NXT, and consist of a differential wheel mobile robot navigating indoors with a zenithal camera as global sensor, and an Ackermann steering mobile robot navigating outdoors with a SBG Systems GPS accessed through an IGEP board that also serves as datalogger …

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