Universidad de Costa Rica

HPC-Based Probabilistic Analysis of LV Networks With EVs: Impacts and Control

Ing. Jairo Quirós Tortós, PhD.
Andreas T Procopiou and Jairo Quirós-Tortós and Luis F Ochoa
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid


Distribution network analyses have been traditionally carried out by sequentially processing computational tasks, ie, without taking advantage of parallel processing now available in multi-core machines. However, future distribution networks require studies that cater for the uncertainties due to the location and behavior of loads and low carbon technologies, resulting in a much more computationally demanding environment. This paper investigates the adoption of high performance computing (HPC) to accelerate probabilistic impact and control analyses carried out on residential low voltage (LV) networks with electric vehicles (EVs). First, the impacts of uncontrolled charging of EVs are quantified using a Monte Carlo-based approach using 1000 time-series daily simulations per penetration level (ie, 0%-100%). Then, to mitigate these impacts, the coordinated management of the on-load tap …

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